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AuthorE.J. van Nieukerken
TitleSupplement to report on a collecting trip to China, 1984, to study and collect Nepticulidae (Lepidoptera) with data of reared specimens
PublisherDepartment of Animal Systematics, Subfaculty Biology, Vrije Universiteit
KeywordsLepidoptera; Nepticulidae; collecting; Peoples Republic of China

In this supplement I will list all adult Lepidoptera reared from the larvae and pupae collected in 1984 in China. Since no more moths emerged the last two months, we can assume that no more emergences are to be expected and those species which failed to produce adults probably all died. In the following list I completely follow the numbering and order in our previous report (pp. 16-22). Only those species are listed from which larvae have been collected.
Document typereport
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