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AuthorE.J. van Nieukerken
TitleStigmella rolandi sp. n.: a widespread southern European species on Rosa (Lepidoptera: Nepticulidae).
JournalTijdschrift voor Entomologie
Volume133, 1
KeywordsLepidoptera; Stigmella rolandi; Stigmella spinosissimae; Nepticulidae; Spain; France; Austria; Czechia; Hungary; Greece; Sardinia; Macedonia; Croatia; Ukraine; Crimea; Rosa; Sanguisorba
AbstractStigmella rolandi sp. n., belonging to the Stigmella sangaisorbae group, is described from southern Europe. It has previously been misidentified as S. spinosissimae Waters, a western
European species. The species is characterized by a costal hair pencil on the male hindwing. The distribution is mapped, and the biology described: the larva feeds on Rosa and Sangclisorba.
Document typearticle
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