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AuthorA. Diakonoff
TitleDescriptions of new Taxa of the so-called Glyphipterigidae Auctorum (Lepidoptera)
JournalZoologische Mededelingen
KeywordsLepidoptera; Hilarographini (Tortricidae); Glyphipterigidae auctorum; new taxa
AbstractThe present paper contains descriptions of one genus of the Hilarographini (Tortricidae), three species, one subspecies, with one forma, of the Choreutidae, and six species with one forma, of the Glyphipterigidae, all groups formerly having been assigned to the so-called Glyphipterigidae auctorum.
These taxa will be illustrated in the forthcoming revisionary volume of the complex "family" in the series "Microlepidoptera Palaearctica", now in preparation. The new descriptions are published here, in order not to delay their appearance unduly.
The whereabouts of the type specimens are indicated with abbreviations, of which a list will be found at the last page of this paper. The author is grateful for the permission to retain certain duplicates for the collection of this museum. The drawings of the genitalia are by Messrs. A. C. M. van Dijk, the Hague, and J. J. A. M. Wessendorp, of this museum; some sketches are by the author.
Charitographa gen. nov. (χαριτογράφος = charmingly marked) Superficially similar to Thaumatographa Walsingham, 1897, but female genitalia with a ductus bursae rather wide throughout, with its lower half and the corpus bursae densely clothed inside with a layer of modified, stiff, asteroid and pedunculate spines, arranged regularly and forming a continuous layer, while a signum or signa are absent; lobi anales soldered into a stiff tube, open and narrowed towards top. The male genitalia with the aedeagus robust and shorter than valva.
Type-species, Hilarographa micadonis Stringer, 1930, Japan.
The monobasic genus seems to be a peculiar development of Thaumato-
Document typearticle
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