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AuthorsD. Gassmann, S.J. Richards
TitleDescription of Idiocnemis patriciae spec. nov. from Papua New Guinea (Odonata: Platycnemididae), with new distributional records of other Idiocnemis species
JournalZoologische Mededelingen
KeywordsPlatycnemididae; Calicnemiinae; Idiocnemis inornata-group; Idiocnemis patriciae spec. nov.; Papua New Guinea
AbstractIdiocnemis patriciae spec. nov. is described from lowland rainforests of the Dark-End Lumber and Lakekamu regions in Gulf Province, Papua New Guinea. Biogeographically, the new species is near-endemic to the Papuan Gulf Coastal Lowlands area of endemism. Notes on the habitat of the new species and on a female specimen from the Lakekamu Basin tentatively assigned to it, are included. The distributions of I. australis Gassmann, I. chloropleura Lieft inck and I. kimminsi Lieft inck are updated. I. chloropleura is recorded from Yapen island for the first time. A revised key to the males of the Idiocnemis inornata species-group is provided.
Document typearticle
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