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AuthorC.J. Louwerens
TitleNew Carabidae from the Malay Archipelago
JournalZoologische Mededelingen
AbstractI have to thank Dr. H. C. Blöte of the Leiden Museum of Natural History for his kindness to entrust me with a number of Carabidae from Indonesia for identification. A few species appear to be new to science; the descriptions follow below. One genus, Horniulus Jedl., is new to the whole of the Malay Archipelago, and another, Bembidion Latr., is new to Sumatra. Of the latter genus there are already a couple of species known from Java.
I am much obliged to Mr. E. B. Britton of the British Museum, who carefully compared a few species with specimens in the collections of the British Museum and in Andrewes' collections.
The type specimens are in the Leiden Museum.
Oxygnathopsis gen. nov. (fig. 1 f) (Andrewes (1938, p. 196) described Oxygnathus javanus upon a single specimen from Java. With regard to the proper genus Andrewes was not absolutely sure because of a number of important differences, but before introducing a new genus he preferred to wait till more material was available. In the sending of the Leiden Museum I found a second specimen, which shows the same characteristics as the specimen described by Andrewes, so that in my opinion a new genus is desirable.
The two genera are to be distinguished as follows: 1 (2) Head with the clypeus bisetose, two setae on each side over the eyes, facial carinae and sulci present; prothorax with two lateral setae on each side. Range: Assam and Burma.........Oxygnathus Dej. 2 (1) Clypeus without setae, one supra-orbital seta, the front seta is wanting, no facial Fig. 1. a, Coptodera flavipes sp. n., left elytron; b, Horniulus quadrimaculatus sp. n.,
Document typearticle
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