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AuthorC. Ritsema
TitleAid to the determination of the described species of the Coleopterous genus Helota Mc L., and description of a new species
JournalZoologische Mededelingen
A Base of elytra coloured as apex.
B Elytra with four convex fulvous spots.
C Pronotum rugose, with raised patches.
D Elytra very regularly punctate-striate all over.
E Fulvous elytral spots large or moderately large.
F The black colour at the tibiae restricted to the extreme base and apex.
G Antennae dark pitchy. Upper surface and elytral epipleurae bright metallic green . . . Vigorsi Mc L., Vigorsi sumatrensis Rits. and Vigorsi borneensis Rits.
G' Antennae pale fulvous.
H Upper surface and elytral epipleurae metallic green with golden hue . . . . . . . . scintillans Olliff.
H' Upper surface and elytral epipleurae dark greenish purple . . . . . . . . . . . . Pasteuri Rits.
F' The black colour at the tibiae more extensive, leaving only one third of the tibiae (a ring in the middle) testaceous . . . . . . . Rouyeri Rits.
E' Fulvous elytral spots small.
I Upper surface and elytral epipleurae bronze coloured.
J Sides of pronotum coloured as the disk.
K Apical half of antennae dark pitchy.
L Elytral interstices but slightly convex . . . Vandepolli Rits.
Document typearticle
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