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AuthorsR. de Jong, C.G. Treadaway
TitleRevisional notes on Coladenia Moore, 1881 (Lepidoptera: Hesperiidae)
JournalZoologische Mededelingen
KeywordsLepidoptera; Hesperiidae; Coladenia; revision; Oriental Region
AbstractThe species of Coladenia Moore, 1881, occurring in the Philippines are revised. The following species are shown to occur there: C. igna (Semper, 1892), C. semperi Elwes & Edwards, 1897, C. minor Chiba et al., 1991, and C. palawana (Staudinger, 1889). Two new species are added: C. ochracea and C. similis, and the new subspecies of C. igna marinda, is described. Due to the incorrect identification of the Sundaland form of C. agni (de Niceville, 1883) as the Philippine C. igna by Evans (1949), the former was still unnamed; it is named C. agni sundae here.
Document typearticle
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