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AuthorL.D. Brongersma
TitleNotes on Scincid Lizards
JournalZoologische Mededelingen
AbstractLygosoma (Sphenomorphus) florense barbouri Dunn (Pl. VI fig. 1) Sphenomorphus florense barbouri Dunn, Amer. Mus. Nov., no. 288, 1927, p. 5, and Dunn, in: Burden, Dragon Lizards of Komodo, 1927, p. 203. 1 ♂, Noil Toko, Timor, 1937, leg. P. F. van West, Mus. Leiden, reg. no. 7033. 5 ♂ ♂, 6 ♀ ♀, Timor, leg. Müller & Macklot, Mus. Leiden, reg. no. 2535. 3 ♂ ♂, 7 ♀♀,2??, Samao, leg. Müller & Macklot, Mus. Leiden, reg. no. 2534.
These specimens are provisionally referred to the subspecies barbouri, described by Dunn from Wetar .Id. The dark colour of the throat apparently is a character dependent on age; with four exceptions all specimens of a head and body length above 51 mm have black throats or at least some black spots on the throat. Of the four exceptions three specimens have a length of less than 55 mm (cf. table 1). There is no light and dark posttympanic mark as described for the Wetar specimens by Dunn. A light vertebral stripe is present in some specimens, but absent in others. It is possible that the populations on Samao and Timor represent a distinct subspecies, but a revision of the subspecies recognized by Dunn is necessary to settle wether these all can be maintained. P1. VI fig. 1 shows the coloration in life of a black-throated specimen for which Müller used the name melanopogon (Duméril & Bibron, 1839, p. 724).
Two females from Timor each contained two eggs.
Lygosoma (Sphenomorphus) emigrans Lidth de Jeude 1 ♂,3 ♀ ♀, cotypes, Soemba, leg. Dr. H. ten Kate, Mus. Leiden, reg. no. 4351. 1 ♂, Kambera, Soemba, III. 1925, leg. Dr. K. W. Dammerman, Zool. Mus. Amsterdam. 1 ♀, Pajeti, Soemba, leg. P. J. Lambooij, Zool. Mus. Amsterdam. 1 ♂, 1 ♀, Samao, leg. S. Müller, Mus. Leiden, reg. no. 2600.
Document typearticle
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