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AuthorS. Dennings
Title“Its Gnow or Never”: a case study of community action for malleefowl conservation in the wheatbelt area of Western Australia
JournalZoologische Verhandelingen
KeywordsMegapodiidae; megapodes; malleefowl; Leipoa ocellata; community conservation
AbstractConcern for the decline of the malleefowl Leipoa ocellata Gould, 1840, in the Gnowangerup Shire, Western Australia, lead to the formation, in August 1992, of the Malleefowl Preservation Group Inc. (MPG) which currently supports a membership in excess of 1500 individuals (January 1998). The group’s activities are carried out on a volunteer basis addressing projects such as annual field surveys and monitoring, community awareness, school education, feral animal eradication programs, reestablishment of native vegetation on farms and wildlife corridors.
Document typearticle
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