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AuthorsD.R. Wells, E.C. Dickinson, R.W.R.J. Dekker
TitleSystematic notes on Asian birds. 36. A preliminary review of the Chloropseidae and Irenidae
JournalZoologische Verhandelingen
Keywordsleafbirds; Chloropseidae; fairy-bluebirds; Irenidae; Aegithina; iora; species-limits; new subspecies; nomenclature; systematics; type locality
AbstractHypotheses of family phylogeny are summarized up to date, and amendments made to the treatment by Delacour (1960) of Chloropsis and Irena in Peters’s Check-list of Birds of the World (Mayr & Greenway, 1960), at and below species level. Revision of species-limits within C. cochinchinensis (Gmelin, 1789) and C. aurifrons (Temminck, 1829) as defined in Delacour (1960) restores three ultra-taxa to species rank, boosting the global list of leafbird species to 11. Certain range and nomenclatural issues are resolved, including re-designation of the type locality of Turdus cochinchinensis, type species of Chloropsis. A new subspecies name is introduced as an outcome.
NoteCorrigenda publishes in ZV 350 (2004), p. 203
Document typearticle
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