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AuthorD.A. Hooijer
TitleEpileptobos gen. nov. for Leptobos groeneveldtii Dubois from the Middle Pleistocene of Java
JournalZoologische Mededelingen
AbstractFor a study in progress on the fossil Bovidae collected in Java by Eug.
Dubois the necessity was felt to create a new genus for the inclusion of the species described as Leptobos groeneveldtii by Dubois (1908, p. 1261). The diagnosis is presented in this place in order that the name may be made available.
Epileptobos gen. nov.
Diagnosis: Large Bovinae with relatively broad and low skull. Horns in both sexes. Parietal extremely short, forming a sagittal crest that begins opposite the centre of the horn cores, and passes backward into a strong triangular parieto-occipital eminence, much raised above the fronto-parietal suture and overhanging the occipital. Temporal crests prominent. Occiput triangular in back view, the top of the triangle being formed by the parietooccipital eminence. Hinder ends of temporal fossae approximating to one another to a distance about two-thirds the width of the brain case. Horn cores long, circular in cross section, placed well behind the orbits, curved backward and outward, then upward and forward. There is a slight anticlockwise torsion (right horn core). Molars hypsodont, palate not united to vomer.
Genotype: Leptobos groeneveldtii Dubois. The diagnosis of this, the only known species, is that of the genus.
Horizon: Djetis beds of Java, early post-Villafranchian, Middle Pleistocene (Hooijer, 1952, p. 439; 1955, p. 5).
The holotype of Epileptobos groeneveldtii (Dubois) is the back part of a skull from Wadegan (Coll. Dub. no. 2766), with both horn cores entire.
In his brief description of two skulls of "Leptobos" groeneveldtii in the
Classification38.22 ; 42.84
Document typearticle
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