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AuthorsM.S. Hoogmoed, S.J. Gorzula
TitleChecklist of the Savanna inhabiting frogs of the El Manteco region with notes on their Ecology and the description of a new species of Treefrog (Hylidae, Anura)
JournalZoologische Mededelingen
AbstractThree years of fieldwork in the El Manteco region by the junior author formed the basis for the checklist presented here. Among the frogs assembled is a small species of Ololygon, new to science, also found in Guyana and Surinam. The anuran succession in the temporary lagoons, formed during the rainy season, was studied during three years and a consistent pattern was found. Comparisons with the llanos fauna are made and it is concluded that the El Manteco region contains a relatively large percentage of Amazonian elements, absent from the llanos.
Document typearticle
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