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AuthorL. Vlijm
TitleSome notes on the Occurrence of the Genus Pardosa (Lycosidae, Araneae) in Southern France, Spain and Corsica
JournalZoologische Mededelingen
AbstractIn this paper a report is given on Lycosid spiders of the genus Pardosa, collected in southern France, Spain and Corsica. The animals were taken by hand and therefore the account is a qualitative one. Some other species of Lycosid spiders were also caught. The results will be given elsewhere.
As the knowledge about the occurrence of species of Pardosa in the visited areas is rather scarce, it seems worthwhile to publish the data. The results are dealt with as to species, mostly on the basis of Simon (1937) and Tongiorgi (1966a and b). Occasionally data on species which were not collected but occur in great abundance in more northern areas are included (these data mostly are based on Wiebes, 1959). The material has been deposited at the Rijksmuseum van Natuurlijke Historie (Leiden).
Pardosa palustris (Linnaeus) This species has not been found by us in the visited areas. This seems remarkable as the species occurs rather generally in northern areas (cf.
Wiebes, 1959, and Locket & Millidge, 1951). Moreover, in some of the habitats which we visited, the species could be expected to be found because these habitats looked very much alike those in which the species is found in northern areas. , These data are in accordance with Tongiorgi (1966a: 283), who states: "The species is widespread, especially in cold climates. It lives on mountains, mostly in open and dry areas, i.e. meadows, pastures, heaths".
Pardosa agricola (Thorell) The habitat of this species has been described as "sandy or stony banks of lakes and watercourses" (cf. Locket & Millidge, 1951; Wiebes, 1959; Tongiorgi, 1966a and b). In this habitat the species was collected in S.
Document typearticle
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