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AuthorL.D. Brongersma
TitleOn the remains of carnivora from cave deposits in Java and Sumatra, with notes on Recent specimens : I
JournalZoologische Mededelingen
AbstractThe purpose of these notes is to describe and figure the remains of Carnivora collected from cave deposits by Prof. Dr. Eug. Dubois during his paleontological searches in Java and Sumatra (1888—1895). For comparison with these prehistoric remains recent Carnivora from the Malay Archipelago and from the Asiatic mainland were examined, and notes on these are included. In the present paper remains of a marten (Martes (Charronia) flavigula (Bodd.) subspec.) from Goea (= cave) Djimbe, and those of a dog (Canis familiaris L.) from Goea låwå, both in Central Java, are described, together with some notes on recent Mustelidae.
The materials used for comparison form part of the collections of the Rijksmuseum van Natuurlijke Historie, Leiden, the Zoölogisch Museum Amsterdam, the British Museum (Natural History), London, the Naturhistorische Museum, Berne, and of the collection of Mr. H. J. V. Sody.
For the permission to examine specimens under their care, as well as for the loan of specimens, I am indebted to Prof. Dr. F. Baumann, Berne; Prof. Dr. L. F. de Beaufort, Amsterdam; Mr. A. C. V. van Bemmel, at that time in Amsterdam; Mr. R. W. Hayman, London; Mr. M. A. C.
Hinton, London; Dr. W. Küenzi, Berne; Mr. R. I. Pocock, London, and Mr. H. J. V. Sody, at that time in Amsterdam. My thanks are due to Mr. M. A. Koekkoek for the drawings, and to Mr. H. Cornet for the photographs.

No unanimity exists as to the number of subfamilies and genera to be recognized in the Mustelidae, and the nomenclature of several genera is rather confused. In a number of papers, Pocock (1918; 1921 a; 1921 b)
Classification38.22 ; 42.84
Document typearticle
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