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AuthorT. van Benthem Jutting
TitleOn the occurrence of a Cyclohelix on Java
JournalZoologische Mededelingen
AbstractIn 1921 's Rijks Museum van Natuurlijke Historie received from Jhr. W. C. VAN HEURN a collection of landmollusca, collected by him at about 1600 m. altitude in the Malabar Mounts, West Java. Amongst 19 Cyclophorus rafflesi (Brod. & Sow.), 38 Cyclophorus perdix f. zollingeri (Mouss.) and 1 Dyakia rumphii (v. d. Busch) there was one Cyclohelix.
Now the truth is that of this genus no representative has been hitherto recorded from Java. KOBELT (Cyclophoridae in: Tierreich, 1902, p. 144—146) mentions the following species in all: crocatus (Born) = turbo (Chemn.), denselineatus (Pfr.), foliaceus (Chemn.) and nicobaricus Pfr. all from the Nicobar Islands and leai (Tryon) from the Andaman Islands. Afterwards FULTON described C. kibleri from Nias Id. (Ann.
Mag. Nat. Hist. (7) Vol. 19, 1907, p. 156, pl. 10, fig. 4).
One is inclined to ask how it comes about that MÖRCH (Journ. de Conch. Vol. 20, 1872, p. 316) and KOBELT (Nachr. Blatt, Vol. 31, 1899, p. 134 and Tierreich 1902, p. 144) consider C. turbo identical with C. crocatus as the two species do not agree in the least either in shape or in colour, while moreover the habitat of crocatus is altogether unknown (cfr. PFEIFFER in Mart.-Chemn. N. Syst. Conch. Cab. Band I, Abt. 191, 1849, pl. 19, fig. 4, 5 with BORN, Test. Mus. Vindob. 1780, pl. 12, fig. 11 and 12).
Thus it is clear that crocatus must be dropped from the synonymy of Cyclohelix turbo.
In the second place KOBELT (Tierreich 1902, p. 144) omits the record of C. turbo from Sumatra 1) by SOWERBY (Thes. Conch. Vol. I, 1843, p. 116, pl. 25, fig. 102, 103) afterwards quoted by PFEIFFER (I.c. p. 141)
Document typearticle
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