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AuthorR.H. Cobben
TitleOn some species of Pentacora, with the description of a new species from Australia (Heteroptera, Saldidae)
JournalZoologische Mededelingen
AbstractIn the catalogue of Saldidae (Drake & Hoberlandt, 1950), ten species of Pentacora are listed, but only six of these actually belong in this genus. For one species, viz., mexicana (Van Duzee) (see Lattin & Cobben, 1968), a separate genus has been erected (Enalosalda Polhemus & Evans, 1969; further details in Polhemus, 1972). P. rubromaculata (Heidem.) has been synonymized with P. sphacelata (Uhler) (Drake & Hottes, 1954; Cobben, 1965). Two other species listed by Drake & Hoberlandt (1950) were transferred to Pseudosaldula (Cobben, 1961), a genus which should be placed in the Saldinae. Pentacora is a member of the more generalized subfamily Chiloxanthinae. Later descriptions of Pentacora species (Drake, 1955a) refer mainly to Pseudosaldula, a genus widely distributed in South America.
The predominantly halophilous genus Pentacora presently contains ten species. Four of them (P. hirta, ligata, saratogae, signoreti) are known only from the West-Indies, USA and Canada. One species, P. sphacelata occurs in the southern areas of Mid and North America, West Indies, Surinam (Wiawia, xi.1972, leg. St. Panday-Verheuvel, new country record), Peru (Drake, 1955a), Galapagos Isl. (Polhemus, 1968), and in the West Mediterranean (Cobben, 1960). The remaining five species are recorded only from the southeastern parts of the Old World. A new Pentacora species from Australia is described here and compared with other oriental species. Type material of the latter species was also examined. A survey of the known species of the Oriental and Australian regions is given below.
Pentacora salina (Bergroth, 1893) (figs. 3, 8, 15b, 17b, 18) This species was described by Bergroth as Acanthia salina in 1893 and transferred to Pentacora by Drake & Hoberlandt (1950). I studied 3 ♂ and
Document typearticle
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