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AuthorsCh. Lewinsohn, L.B. Holthuis
TitleNotes on Stenopus Spinosus Risso and Engystenopus Spinulatus Holthuis (Crustacea, Decapoda, Stenopodidae)
JournalZoologische Mededelingen
During recent explorations off the Mediterranean coast of Israel several specimens of Stenopus spinosus were collected. When studying this material it was thought to be of interest to compare the Israel specimens with those that had been reported from the Red Sea. Although Stenopus spinosus has repeatedly been reported from the eastern Atlantic and the Mediterranean, there is only a single record of the species from the Red Sea (Balss, 1914).
Due to the kindness of Dr. G. Pretzmann of the Vienna Museum it was made possible for us to examine these Red Sea specimens. These proved not to be Stenopus spinosus but to belong to the poorly known Engystenopus spinulatus.
In the first part of the present paper the Israel Stenopus material is dealt with, in the second part a description of the Red Sea specimens of Engystenopus is provided.
I. Stenopus spinosus, a species new to the eastern Mediterranean During 1977 a scientific investigation of the benthic fauna of the Mediterranean south of Tel-Aviv, Israel, sponsored by the Zoological Institute of the University of Tel-Aviv, was carried out by the first author (Ch. L.), ably assisted by Mrs. B. Galil of the Institute. Eleven stations at depths between 20 and 8o m were regularly sampled. One of the interesting finds here was that of Stenopus spinosus.
Stenopus spinosus Risso, 1827 Material examined. — Off Palmahim, south of Tel-Aviv; Sta. 1, 31°56'N 34°з6'Е, 35 m deep; 3 May 1977, 1 juvenile, NS 16328.
Off Palmahim; Sta. 2, 3i°5ó'N 34o35' E, 50 m; 30 June 1977, ι $, NS 16323.
Document typearticle
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