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AuthorC. de Jong
TitleNotes on Phyllophorinae (Orthoptera, Tettigoniidae) from new Guinea Orthopterological Notes VII 1)
JournalZoologische Mededelingen
AbstractIn the present paper I have brought together the results of my studies of material from various collections made in New Guinea.
One new genus and some new species are described and figured, viz., Microsasima gen. nov. related to Phyllophorina, with as type-species Microsasima stueberi spec. nov.; Phyllophora cheesmanae spec. nov., and Phyllophora similis spec. nov.
Further the paper gives new information concerning species previously described from one sex only, viz., Sasima bifurcate Bolívar I., ♀ plesioallotype; also information is presented on the infraspecific variability and geographical distribution of some other species.
The basis for the modern study of the subfamily is Karny's monograph (Karny, 1924), which gives considerable information on most species, as well as an extensive list of references. It also contains a great number of descriptions of new species. For the older literature I refer to that paper.
The few papers published after Karny completed his monograph can be found in the list of references. The sequence of genera and species in the present paper is nearly the same as Karny's.
Sasima Bolívar I., 1903 Sasima bifurcata Karny, 1924 (fig. 1) New Gtiinea: 1 ♀, Papua, Kokoda, 1200 ft, viii.1933, L. E. Cheesman (plesioallotype, in British Museum).
Karny described the species from a single male specimen from Menado on the island of Celebes. The only difference from the closely allied S. Spinosa (Brunner von Wattenwyl) is the medial vein (M) of the tegmina, which
Document typearticle
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