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AuthorF.P. Koumans
TitleOn a collection of fishes from East Java
JournalZoologische Mededelingen
AbstractThrough the courtesy of Mr. K. van Vuure, officer of the Fisheries at Pasoeroean, Java, the Leiden Museum received a very interesting collection of fishes from the eastern part of Java.
The collection was made in November 1938 and contained both freshwater and marine species. On a joined list of each lot the vernacular name was given and the exact locality, giving the village (desa), district, regency (regentschap) and residence (residentie); these topographical names are stated in this paper as desa, distr., reg. and res. The vernacular names are partly Javanese, partly Madurese, indicated as Jav. and Mad.
The fishes are arranged according to the system of Günther's Catalogue of Fishes.
Epinephelus merra Bl., 1 specimen, desa Tandjoeng Petjinan, distr. Sitoebondo, reg. Sitoebondo, res. Besoeki.
Vern. name: Krapoe-batoe (Jav.).
Lutjanus russelli (Blkr.), 1 specimen, desa Kalianjar, distr. Bangil, reg.
Pasoeroean, res. Malang.
I received this specimen in a lot which moreover contained 2 specimens of Pomadasys hasta (Bl. Schn.) and 1 specimen of Gerres poeti C. & V., with the vernacular name: Gogokan (Jav.).
Ambassia nalua (H. В.), 4 specimens, desa Boelang, distr. Gending, reg.
Probolinggo, res. Malang.
Vern. names: Pengkat (Jav.), Rek-rek (Mad.).
Therapon jarbua (Forsk.), 1 specimen, desa Boelang, distr. Gending, reg.
Probolinggo, res. Malang.
Vern. name: Kerong-kerong (Jav.).
Document typearticle
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