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AuthorsG. Tomasovic, C. van Achterberg
TitleThree new species of the genus Irianjaya Koçak & Kemal from Indonesia (Diptera: Asilidae: Asilinae)
JournalZoologische Mededelingen
KeywordsHalmahera; Lesser Sunda Islands; Moluccas; Mangole; Sula Islands; Sulawesi; Sumbawa
AbstractThree new species of the genus Irianjaya Koçak & Kemal, 2009 (Diptera: Asilidae: Asilinae) from Indonesia are described and partly illustrated. Irianjaya halmaheraensis spec. nov. from Halmahera (North Moluccas), A. sulaensis spec. nov. from Mangole (Sula Islands) and I. sumbawaensis spec. nov. from Sumbawa (Lesser Sunda Islands). Eccoptopus impiger van der Wulp, 1872, is a new junior synonym of Irianjaya areolaris (Walker, 1860). In addition, the following new combinations are given: Irianjaya areolaris (Walker, 1860), I. impiger (Wulp, 1872), and I. mendax (Walker, 1857), formerly placed in Amphiscolops.
Document typearticle
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