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AuthorJ. Belle
TitleOn the female sex of some elusive South-American Gomphidae with the descriptions of three new genera and four new species (Odonata)
JournalZoologische Mededelingen
KeywordsGomphidae; new taxa; South America
AbstractFemales of some South-American Gomphidae are recorded. Anomalophlebia nitida gen. nov. et spec. nov. ( ♀ holotype: Venezuela, State of Bolivar, Los Pijiguasos), Praeviogomphus proprius gen. nov. et spec. nov. ( ♀ holotype: Brazil, State of Rio de Janeiro, Itatiaya), Brasiliogomphus uniseries gen. nov. et spec. nov. ( ♀ holotype: Brazil, State of São Paulo, Lins) and Idiogomphoides emmeli spec. nov. ( ♀ holotype: Brazil, State of Rondônia, Rio Pardo) are described and illustrated. A syntype female of Agriogomphus sylvicola Selys is designated as lectotype. The female of Diaphlebia nexans Calvert and Gomphoides perdita (Förster) are described for the first time while two females pertaining to unknown species of Progomphus and Aphylla are described under spec. indet. Intraspecific variations of three other females are also discussed.
Document typearticle
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