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AuthorsA.S.H. Breure, V. Mogollón Avila
TitleWell-known and little-known: miscellaneous notes on Peruvian Orthalicidae (Gastropoda, Stylommatophora)
JournalZoologische Mededelingen
Keywordsanatomy; distribution; Bostryx; Bulimulus; Corona; Drymaeus; Naesiotus; Peru; Scutalus; taxonomy; Thaumastus
AbstractThe family Orthalicidae is well represented in Peru but, like in other families, some species are wellknown and others have not been reported on since their original descriptions. In this paper we present new records for well-known species and elucidate the status of several lesser known taxa. Four taxa are described as new: Bostryx chusgonensis sipas, B. fragilis, Scutalus (Scutalus) mariopenai and S. (S.) phaeocheilus altoensis. The following species are recorded as new to the Peruvian malacofauna: Corona pfeifferi, Drymaeus (D.) branneri, and Thaumastus flori. Strophocheilus tenuis Haas, 1955 is now considered synonymous with Thaumastus (Paeniscutalus) crenellus (Philippi, 1867). Plekocheilus conspicuus Pilsbry, 1932 is now placed in the synonymy of Thaumastus flori (Jousseaume, 1897). Drymaeus tigrinus Da Costa, 1898 is now considered a junior subjective synonym of Drymaeus (D.) strigatus (Sowerby, 1838).
Document typearticle
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