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AuthorP.G.N. Kramers
TitleNew records of the Holothurians Thyone serrifera Oestergren (Dendrochirotida) and Leptosynapta bergensis (Oestergren) (Apodida)
JournalZoologische Mededelingen
AbstractDuring a student trip to the Trondheimsfjord (Norway) in August and September, 1967, eight specimens of this species were dredged off Kivnæbnes (63o 32' Ν, 9° 51' E), from a depth of 50 to 200 m, bottom clay with shells. The calcareous ossicles in the body wall are exactly like the illustrations in Østergren (1898) and Mortensen (1924: 235). Figures 1 to 3 show copies of figures by Østergren and Mortensen, and a drawing made from one of my preparations.
Thyone serrifera seems to have been found only once before (pers. comm.
Brun, Panning) viz., by Østergren, the author of the species, who dredged it in the Trondheimsfjord near Rødberg (appr. 63o 28' Ν, 10° Ε). Mortensen (1924) cited this record with addition of the depth range 200-500 m, of which the origin is unclear.
This new record confirms the occurrence of the species in the Trondheimsfjord and it would be interesting to know whether or not it is endemic to the fjord.
Leptosynapta bergensis (Østergren, 1905) Five anterior parts and one posterior part of this holothurian were dredged off Plymouth in September 1968, from mud banks, depth 40 m, 3.2 km WSW of Rame Head (50o 18' Ν, 4° 16' W). On 3 July 1970 Mr. Gibbs of the Plymouth Laboratory was so kind as to collect another sample of about 12 parts of various specimens at the same place. An anchor dredge *) Present address: Laboratorium voor Stralengenetica der Rijksuniversiteit, Leiden. was used in both cases. In this area only Leptosynapta inhaerens (O. F.
Müller, 1776) was said to occur; the latter species was not found, however.
Possibly the whole population of Leptosynapta in this locality will turn out
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