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AuthorJ.T. Wiebes
TitleProvisional host catalogue of Fig wasps (Hymenoptera, Chalcidoidea)
JournalZoologische Verhandelingen
In this catalogue — entitled "provisional" because our knowledge of the subject is still so evidently incomplete — all species of Ficus mentioned as hosts of fig wasps, are listed with the Hymenoptera Chalcidoidea reared from their receptacles.
The names used for the Agaonidae are in accordance with those in Grandi's (1963b) world catalogue of this Chalcidoid family, two items excepted for nomenclatorial reasons, viz. Blastophaga (B.) inopinata and B. (Eupristina) jacobsoni. Blastophaga (B.) puncticeps distinguenda Grandi (1916a: 129), if considered conspecific with B. (B.) inopinata Grandi (1926: 355), should be called B. (B.) d. distinguenda Grandi, while B. (B.) puncticeps sensu Grandi (1916a: 129) not Mayr (1906: 156), should be indicated as B. (B.) distinguenda inopinata Grandi. The name Eupristina jacobsoni Grandi (1926: 358) cannot be used now that Eupristina Saunders is reduced to a subgenus of Blastophaga Gravenhorst (Grandi, 1963b: 334), Grandes name being preoccupied by B. (Waterstoniella) jacobsoni Grandi (1916a: 126). I suggested the need for a replacement name to Prof. Grandi, who left the renaming to me. I propose Blastophaga (Eupristina) adempta nom. nov. for B. (E.) jacobsoni Grandi.
The Chalcidoidea of the family Torymidae, subfamily Sycophaginae, and most of the other inquilines, should be thoroughly revised before a critical list of their host preferences can be presented. Their nomenclature is not very stable as yet. The name Philotrypesis ornata Grandi (1930: 82), synonym P. unispinosa sensu Grandi (1921b: 128; 1926: 361) not Mayr (1906: 175) is preoccupied by P. unispinosa ornata Grandi (1921b: 137),
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