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AuthorA. Diakonoff
TitleNotes on the Olethreutini and on some Tortricinae from the Papuan region in the Meyrick collection, British Museum, with selection of Lectotypes (Lepidoptera, Tortricidae)
JournalZoologische Verhandelingen
I. The so-called "Australian" Olethreutini in the Meyrick Collection, with selection of lectotypes............4
Anathamna, p. 4; Argyroploce, p. 7; Articolla, p. 30; Eucosma, p. 32; Peridaedala, p. 32; Procoronis, p. 33; Proschistis, p. 35.
II. Appendix. 1. New genera and species from the so-called "Australian" Meyrick Collection 35 2. Papuan species described by Durrant........70
3. Records and descriptions of some other species......73
4. Records and descriptions of some Tortricinae from the "Australian" Meyrick Collection............76
5. Index to genera and species...........85
In the course of a revision of South Asiatic Olethreutinae I have studied the material of this subfamily originating from New Guinea and dependances, from the Bismarck, and from the Solomon Islands, present in the Meyrick Collection in the British Museum (Natural History), London, and indicated by that author as his "Australian" collection.
Only few species from this region have been incorporated in Clarke's (1958) monograph of Meyrick's types in that museum, viz. those described in 1938; lectotypes for these species have been selected by Clarke. Other species from the above-mentioned islands, described by Meyrick in his "Revision of the Australian Tortricidae" (1910-1911) and in the "Exotic Microlepidoptera" 3 and 4, have not yet been treated in this way.
In the present paper the species of the tribe Olethreutini in the Meyrick Collection are listed and lectotypes are selected. Most species obviously
Document typearticle
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