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AuthorA. Diakonoff
TitleDescriptions of new Genera and species of the so-called Glyphipterygidae Sensu Meyrick, 1913 (Lepidoptera)
JournalZoologische Verhandelingen
AbstractIn the course of a revision of the so-called family Glyphipterygidae sensu Meyrick, 1913, for the series "Microlepidoptera Palaearctica", several new taxa came to light. In order to facilitate the edition of the revision and to publish these new taxa without further delay, they are being described below. Using this opportunity, descriptions of non-Palaearctic new taxa are being added.
The whereabouts of the type-specimens are indicated at the end of each description. The author is greatly obliged to the authorities of the museums concerned, for the loan of the material, and for the permission to keep some duplicates for the collection of the Leiden Museum.
The figures have been made by the artists, Messrs. A. C. M. van Dijk, The Hague, and J. Wessendorp, this museum, and some by the author.

Anthophila dischides spec. nov. (fig. 1) (δίσχιδής = divided) ♂ 13 mm. Head light glossy fuscous, face below pale grey, vertex dusted with pale ochreous. Antenna dark fuscous, pale-ringed, ciliations 1. Palpus rather long, curved and ascending; fuscous, basal segment white, median segment with a submedian and an apical white ring, dilated towards apex; terminal segment with a median white ring, tip obtusely pointed. Thorax fuscous, strewn with pale ochreous points. Abdomen dark fuscous, dorsum grey-fuscous towards base, dull.
Fore wing broadly sublanceolate, dilated, broadest at 3/4, costa curved at base, rather straight beyond base, curved again along posterior third, apex rather pointed, termen convex, oblique, rounded below. Fuscous, partially
Document typearticle
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