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AuthorK.M.T. Giesen
TitleA review of the parasitic mite family Psorergatidae (Cheyletoidea: Prostigmata: Acari) with hypotheses on the phylogenetic relationships of species and species groups
JournalZoologische Verhandelingen
KeywordsAcari; Prostigmata; Cheyletoidea; Psorergatidae; Psorergates; Psorergatoides; Psorobia; general morphology; keys; tables of measurements; tables of hosts and parasites; phylogenetic rela- tionships; co-evolution.
AbstractExtensive description of the mite family Psorergatidae starting with general morphology, a redescription of the type species of the family (Psorergates simplex (Tyrrell, 1883)), and keys to the genera (Psorergates, Psorergatoides, Psorobia) and all known species. Phylogenetic analyses, hypotheses of hosts and parasites are given. The last section contains tables of measurements and lists of psorergatic mite species and their hosts.
Document typearticle
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