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AuthorA.S.H. Breure
TitleSystematics, phylogeny and zoogeography of Bulimulinae (Mollusca)
JournalZoologische Verhandelingen
KeywordsGastropoda; Pulmonata; Bulimulidae; revision; description; distribution; ecology
AbstractIn this publication a revision is given of the genera of the subfamily Bulimulinae (Gastropoda, Pulmonata, Bulimulidae).
The morphological variation of the shell, radula, pallial organs and genitalia is analized and 21 character transition series are recognized.
In the systematical part the following data are presented for each genus : description of shell and anatomy, distribution, ecology, bibliography and a list of taxa. The number of (sub) genera is reduced from 80 to 43 ( + two nomina inquirenda). A new synonymy is : Paracochlea Hylton Scott, 1967 = Eudioptus Albers, 1860. The following new species names are introduced : Bostryx sophieae, Drymaeus (Drymaeus) marcapatensis, Drymaeus (Drymaeus) sophieae, Drymaeus (Mesembrinus) pseudobesus. Berendtia digueti Mabille is designated type species of Teneritia Mabille ; Helix zoographica d'Orbigny is designated type species of Hamadryas Albers.
Based on the transition series mentioned above, hypotheses of phylogenetic relationships are presented for the genus groups, using the methods of Hennig. The relationships between the five subfamilies of the Bulimulidae are also investigated but remain tentative.
In the zoogeographical section the various theories are reviewed and their relevance for the distribution of the Bulimulinae is treated, using the hypotheses of phylogenetic relationships and Croizat's vicariance theory.
Document typearticle
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