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AuthorD. van den Tooren
TitlePseudoscorpions of the genera Pachyolpium, Novohorus and Amblyolpium (Pseudoscorpiones: Olpiidae) from St. Eustatius (Statia), St. Martin (Sint Maarten) and Anguilla (Lesser Antilles, Leeward group)
JournalZoologische Mededelingen
Volume76, 17-24
KeywordsPseudoscorpiones; Olpiidae; Pachyolpium confusum spec. nov.; Novohorus incertus; Amblyolpium martinensis spec. nov.; St. Eustatius (Statia); St. Martin (Sint Maarten); Anguilla; keys
AbstractTwo new species of pseudoscorpions are described: Pachyolpium confusum spec. nov. from St. Eustatius (Statia) and Amblyolpium martinensis spec. nov. from St. Martin (Sint Maarten). Another species: Novohorus incertus (Beier, 1931) is recorded from 2 new localities: Anguilla and St. Martin (Sint Maarten). A comparative examination is performed to check how far the ratio palpal femur length/palpal patella length is useful as a taxonomic character to separate a number of species belonging to the genus Pachyolpium.
Two keys are given: i. An adaptation and extension of Hoff’s key (1945) to the westindian species of the genus Pachyolpium, relying on present-day knowledge of interspecific relationship within the genus. ii. A key to separate genera belonging to the family Olpiidae with two tactile setae on the dorsum of palpal femur.
Document typearticle
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