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AuthorT. Horita
TitleAn undescribed lobate ctenophore, Lobatolampea tetragona gen. nov. & spec. nov., representing a new family, from Japan
JournalZoologische Mededelingen
Volume73, 12-33
KeywordsCtenophora; Lobatolampeidae fam. nov.; Lobatolampea tetragona gen. nov. &; spec. nov.; lobate; medusoid; Japan
AbstractLobatolampea tetragona gen. nov. & spec. nov. was collected from coastal waters of Ise Bay, near Toba, Pacific coast of middle Japan. It assumes a medusoid bell-shape when floating, but is nearly discshaped when resting on the bottom. It is characterized by four C-shaped gonads present on the distal part of the subpharyngeal meridional canals, beyond the oral end of the comb rows. “Primitive” oral lobes are also formed and ctenes are found at the site of the presumptive auricles. The morphology of this species differs from any previously described larval or adult form, and is intermediate between the orders Cydippida and Lobata. The larvae are of the cydippid type.
Document typearticle
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