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AuthorC. van Achterberg
TitleThe European species of the Eubazus aliochinoi-group (Hymenoptera: Braconidae: Helconinae: Brachistini)
JournalZoologische Mededelingen
Volume74, 18-24
KeywordsHymenoptera; Braconidae; Helconinae; Brachistini; Eubazus; Eubazus aliochinoi-group; Allodorus; Palaearctic; Europe; key; Coleoptera; Curculionidae; Pissodinae; Magdalis
AbstractFive new European species of the subgenus Allodorus Foerster s.l. belonging to the Eubazus aliochinoigroup (Braconidae: Helconinae: Brachistini) are described and illustrated: E. shishiniovae spec. nov. from Bulgaria, E. zelinensis spec. nov. from Bulgaria, E. tricoloripes spec. nov. from The Netherlands and England, E. glabriclypealis spec. nov. from Switzerland, France and Bulgaria, and E. convexope spec. nov. from Scotland. A key to the European species of the Eubazus aliochinoi-group is added. Eubazus rufithorax (Tobias, 1986) (not Eubazus rufithorax Abdinbekova, 1969) is renamed as E. (Aliolus) regularis nom. nov. Eubazus denticlypealis (Tobias, 1986) is a new combination, and E. corrugatus (Ruthe, 1867) is a new synonym of E. rugosus (Ratzeburg, 1848).
Document typearticle
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