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AuthorsB. Aukema, F. Bos, D. Hermes, P. Zeinstra
TitleNieuwe en interessante Nederlandse Wantsen II, met een geactualiseerde Naamlijst (Hemiptera: Heteroptera)
JournalNederlandse Faunistische Mededelingen
KeywordsNederland; Verpsreiding; Naamlijst; Herkenning; Biotoop
AbstractNew and interesting Dutch bugs ii, with an updated checklist (Hemiptera: Heteroptera)
The following species are recorded for the first time from the Netherlands: Tupiocoris
rhododendri (Miridae), Xylocoridea brevipennis (Anthocoridae), Metopoplax fuscinervis (Lygaeidae)
and Elasmostethus minor (Acanthosomatidae). Six species are already shortly mentioned
elsewhere as Dutch species, but are treated here in detail: Copium clavicorne and Derephysia
sinuatocollis (Tingidae), Amphiareus obscuriceps (Anthocoridae), Horvathiolus superbus and
Holcocranum saturejae (Lygaeidae), and Stagonomus bipunctatus pusillus (Pentatomidae).
New data are provided for the following little known or rare species: the dipsocorid
Cryptostemma waltli, the gerrid Gerris lateralis, the mirids Deraeocoris punctulatus, Capsodes
sulcatus, Mermitelocerus schmidtii, Pinalitus atomarius, Teratocoris paludum, Heterocordylus
tumidicornis, Orthotylus virens, Hoplomachus thunbergii, Psallus punctulatus and Tytthus geminus,
the anthocorids Anthocoris amplicollis and Orius horvathi, the lygaeids Nysius huttoni, Drymus
latus, Lamproplax picea, Scolopostethus pilosus, Emblethis denticollis, Megalonotus emarginatus,
Aellopus atratus and Raglius vulgaris, the stenocephalid Dicranocephalus medius, the rhopalid
Liorhyssus hyalinus, and the pentatomids Carpocoris fuscispinus, Stagonomus bipunctatus
pusillus and Rhaphigaster nebulosa. New data and distribution maps are presented for some
species showing expanding ranges: the recently established Japanese tingid Stephanitis takeyai,
the berytid Metatropis rufescens, the coreid Gonocerus acutangulatus, the scutellerid Eurygaster
testudinaria, and the pentatomids Holcogaster vernalis and Eysarcoris aeneus. Tupiocoris
rhododendri, Stephanitis takeyai en Nysius huttoni are introduced exotic species.
A checklist of the 618 species recorded from the Netherlands is included.
Document typearticle
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