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AuthorsA.V. Mazo, P. Montoya
TitleProboscidea (Mammalia) from the Upper Miocene of Crevillente (Alicante, Spain)
JournalScripta Geologica
KeywordsProboscidea; Tetralophodon; Deinotherium; Miocene; Spain
AbstractThe fossil Proboscidea from the Spanish Turolian (Upper Miocene) sites of Crevillente 2 (MN11) and Crevillente 15 and 16 (MN12) are described. The mastodont from Crevillente 2 is assigned to Tetralophodon cf. longirostris ‘grandincisivoid form’, recognised for the first time in the Iberian Peninsula, and that from Crevillente 16 to Tetralophodon longirostris. The Deinotheriidae from Crevillente 2 and Crevillente 15 are identified as Deinotherium giganteum and Deinotherium sp., respectively. The status of ‘Mastodon’ grandincisivus and the ‘grandincisivoid forms’ of Gomphotherium and Tetralophodon are discussed.
Classification42.84 ; 38.22
Document typearticle
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