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AuthorG. Kruseman
Title(Matériaux pour la faunistique des Orthoptères de France) Fascicule III. Les Ensifères et des Caelifères: les Tridactyloides et les Tétrigoides des Musées de Paris et d’Amsterdam
JournalVerslagen en Technische Gegevens
AbstractA catalogue of French localities of the material of the families Phaneropteridae, Meconemidae, Conocephalidae, Tettigoniidae, Sagidae, Ephippigeridae, Rhaphidophoridae, Gryllidae, Mogoplistidae, Myrmecophilidae, Trigonidiidae, Oecanthidae, Gryllotalpidae, Tridactylidae and Tetrigidae preserved in the collections of the Muséum national d’Histoire naturelle of Paris and the Instituut voor Taxonomische Zoölogie at Amsterdam.
Change of status: Pteronemobius heydeni heydeni 1853 and P. heydeni concolor 1871 in stead of P. concolor heydeni 1853 and P. concolor concolor 1871. Ephippiger cunii and E. cruciger are provisionally placed with E. ephippiger in the complex Ephippiger ephippiger. First record for France: Platycleis grisea grisea (Fabricius). Discussion of the possibility, that Tridactylus pfaendleri Harz was in former times indigenous in France.
Document typearticle
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