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AuthorA.B. Cribb
TitlePhycopeltis kosteriana sp. n., an epiphyllous alga of the family Chroolepidaceae from Australia
JournalBlumea - Biodiversity, Evolution and Biogeography of Plants
AbstractPhycopeltis kosteriana A. B. Cribb, sp. n. — Thallus pallidus viridis, usque ad 250 μ diam., margine inaequale; filamenta prostrata, inaequaliter radiata, plerumque contigua extra margine; thallus paucis parvis foraminibus; cellulae inaequales, plerumque inaequaliter 1, 2 vel 3-furcatae, (1.5)2—3(3.5) X (5)7—12(15) μ; gametangia (?) in thallo usque ad 4 μ; ab Phycopeltis ceteris in cellulis parvis et inaequalis differt.
Typus: In lamina, Kuranda, N. Queensland, 28-5-1963.
Document typearticle
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