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AuthorH. Moller Pilot
TitleInvloed van inundatie van graslanden op terrestrische dansmuggen (Diptera: Chironomidae)
JournalNederlandse Faunistische Mededelingen
KeywordsNederland; Biotoop; Ecologie
AbstractInfluence of flooding on terrestrial chironomids in grassland (Diptera: Chironomidae)
Although flooding is an important factor for the invertebrate fauna of grassland, not much is
published on this topic. As in other groups the different species of terrestrial Chironomidae
display different reactions during flooding. Some larvae will move to drier parts, others remain
on the spot. All species can survive for some time submerged in water, but the uptake of water
can be a problem, especially in summer time. Some species are more or less characteristic for
very wet grassland (like Metriocnemus tristellus), but nearly all species depend on the presence
of drier parts of the grassland for maintenance of the population.
Document typearticle
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