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AuthorsV.J. Kalkman, R. Ketelaar
TitleInteressante libellenwaarnemingen in 1998 (Odonata)
JournalNederlandse Faunistische Mededelingen
KeywordsInsecta; Odonata; Verspreiding; Nederland
AbstractInteresting new records of Odonata in the Netherlands in 1998
A survey of the most interesting observations on Dutch Odonata is presented. During the Odonata Recording Scheme many new records of rare species have become available. Gomphus flavipes, G. vulgatissimus, Anax parthenope, Sympetrum pedemontanum and S. depressiusculum seem to become more common. The status of some threatened species is elucidated: Calopteryx virgo, Sympecma paedisca, Coenagrion hastulatum and Cordulegaster boltonii.
Document typearticle
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