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TitleBook reviews
JournalPersoonia - Molecular Phylogeny and Evolution of Fungi
AbstractIn this publication, which is merely a nomenclator of names in use in tribus Hygrocybeae, an account is given of 447 validly published and legitimate names in Hygrocybe, and 24 in the genus Camarophyllus. For each entry the accepted name is given, followed by the basionym and, if present, synonyms. Full data are presented on the type and its location. Furthermore, a list is provided of names from genera formerly synonymised with Hygrocybe and Camarophyllus, but now regarded as belonging to taxa outside Hygrophoraceae, are listed, supplemented with invalid and illegitimate names. Seventeen new combinations are proposed and two epitypes selected. The book forms a thorough base for monographic work in the group concerned, and serves as a reference for all working with the genus. It facilitates description of new taxa and will eventually help to stabilise nomenclature.
Document typearticle
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