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AuthorsB.W. Hoeksema, K. Kleemann
TitleNew records of Fungiacava eilatensis Goreau et al., 1968 (Bivalvia, Mytilidae) boring into Indonesian mushroom corals (Scleractinia, Fungiidae)
KeywordsBivalvia; Mytilidae; Fungiacava; Scleractinia; Fungiidae; Indonesia; South Sulawesi; Bali; endoparasitism
AbstractNew observations on endoparasites in mushroom corals at South Sulawesi and Bali resulted in eight coral host records of the mytilid bivalve Fungiacava eilatensis Goreau et al., 1968, bringing the total to 14. The host corals were observed in various habitats, most frequently on sandy substrates. The largest numbers of parasitic bivalves (>10 individuals) were found in large attached mushroom coral hosts of the genus Podabacia.
Classification42.72 ; 42.73
Document typearticle
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