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AuthorE.J. van Nieukerken
TitleNew and rare Nepticulidae in the Netherlands (Lepidoptera)
JournalEntomologische berichten
KeywordsLepidoptera; Nepticuliae; Netherlands; Invertebrates; Arthropods; Insects; Lepidopterans; Nepticulidae
AbstractEleven species of Nepticulidae are recorded from the Netherlands for the first time. Eight of these have been collected as larvae during recent field work: Ecroedernia hannoverella (Glitz), E. nlediofasciella (Haworth), E. spirzosella (Joannis). E. arcz~arella (Herrich- Schaffer). Trifurcula cryptella (Stainton), Stigmella aeneofusciella (Herrich-Schaffer). S. poterii (Stainton), and S. crataegella Klimesch. On the basis of old collection material E. longicaudella Klimesch, E. bradfordi Emmet and S. svenssoni (Johansson) can be added to the list. A single specimen of E. bradfordi appears to be only the second one known. Some notes on rare species are given. S. regiella (Frey) is recorded for the first time from Belgium.
Document typearticle
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