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AuthorsJ.S. Weaver III, J. Huisman
TitleA review of the Lepidostomatidae (Trichoptera) of Borneo
JournalZoologische Mededelingen
KeywordsTrichoptera; Lepidostomatidae; systematics; Borneo
AbstractA review of the Lepidostomatidae of Borneo is provided with descriptions and illustrations of 19 species, including 14 new species: Dinarthrum bidentatum, D. kellyi, D. tridentatum, Lepidostoma bisculum, L. corollatum, L. cratis, L. curtipendulum, L. erectum, L. octolobium, L. oreion, L. pendulum, L. quaternarium, L. tenellum, and L. uncinatum.
The five lepidostomatid species previously known from Borneo are removed from the genus Goerodes: four species, G. conjunctus (Banks), G. grandis (Banks), G. medius (Banks) and G. dulitensis Mosely, are transferred to the genus Lepidostoma, and one species, Goerodes capreolus Ito is transferred to Dinarthrum. Goerodes pendleburyi Weaver is recognized as a junior synonym of Lepidostoma dulitense (Mosely). One new species group for Dinarthrum and three new species groups for Lepidostoma are proposed. Keys to species for adult males are provided.
Document typearticle
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