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AuthorC. van Achterberg
TitleA redescription of Idiasta Theodori (van Vollenhoven, 1878) (Hymenoptera, Braconidae)
JournalZoologische Mededelingen
AbstractIntroduction A redescription is given of the holotype of Alysia theodori, which is the only known surviving type of the several palaearctic species of Braconidae described by Snellen van Vollenhoven. A brief discussion of the generic position of the species is given, resulting in a recombination with Idiasta Foerster, 1862.
Idiasta theodori (Van Vollenhoven, 1878) Alysia theodori Van Vollenhoven, 1878, Tijdschr. Ent., 21: 174, pl. 11 figs. 3, 3a.
Phaenocarpa theodori; Marshall, in André, 1895, Spec. Hym. Eur., 5: 404-405. Szépligeti, 1904, Gen. Ins., 22: 211. Papp, 1968, Beitr. Ent., 18: 372.
Idiasta theodori; Fischer, 1967, Ann. Naturhistor. Mus. Wien, 70: 111-114, figs. 1-3.
Redescription of holotype. — ♀, and not a ♂ as Van Vollenhoven indicated in his description; the ovipositor is clearly visible in his figures. This has been pointed out before by Marshall (1895: 405) and Fischer (1967: 111). Length of body (exclusive ovipositor) 4.8 mm. Length of fore wing (from apex of tegulae to wing apex) 3.95 mm.
Head. — Antennae broken off, except the basal 17 segments, 4th segment 1.26 times as long as 3rd segment, 3rd segment 3.2 times and 4th segment 4.6 times as long as maximum width, 3rd segment slightly wider than 4th segment, from about the 15th segment the antennae slightly widening.
Palpi short, maxillary palpi about as long as the height of the head. Face strongly convex, shiny and smooth, except for some indistinct microsculpture near the supraclypeal furrow. Clypeus moderately convex, punctulate and shiny. Face and clypeus with scattered, yellowish, moderately long hairs. Mandible with a large median tooth and two large lateral lobes
Document typearticle
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