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AuthorR. Horst
TitleA contribution towards our knowlegde of the Polychaeta of South Africa
JournalZoologische Mededelingen
Abstract1. Amphinomidae and Aphroditidae.
Professor Max Weber, during a short stay in South Africa in 1894, made a small collection of Annelids, which he kindly handed me over for examination. As I found among them some species, which for the first time are mentioned from this interesting region, where the fauna'sof the Atlantic and the Indo-Pacific meet each other, it will not be without interest to publish a short note about them.
Euphrosyne capensis Kinb. 1). (— polybranchia Schm.) 2).
At Seapoint, near low watermark, 8 specimens were collected, the largest of which has only a length of 16 mm., whereas its breadth measures 6 mm.; the number of the segments of this specimen amounts to 45.
Eurythoë complanata (Pall).
This species, already mentioned by Potts from the Seychelles 3), was collected in a rather great number of individuals of different seize in the neighbourhood of Durban and Isipingo. The neuropodial bristles in the majority of the specimens have a yellow, smooth, bifurcated, distal part; in some specimens however the longer limb shows one or two shallow denticles.
Chloeia fusca Mc Int.
It is the first time, that this pretty, little Amphinomid, widely distributed in the Malay Archipelago, as proved by the dredgings of the Siboga 4), has been found on the coast of South Africa. Potts however had already stated its presence in the vicinity of the Amirante Islands,
Document typearticle
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