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AuthorV.S. van der Goot
TitleSummer records of Syrphidae (Diptera) from Sicily, with field notes and descriptions of new species
JournalZoologische Mededelingen
AbstractIn July 1961 a trip was made to Sicily, with the main object to collect insects. Collecting was mainly done in two localities, which will be more extensively dealt with below. Descriptions of four new species of Syrphid flies, and descriptive notes and records of other species will be given after the field observations.

(1) The southeastern slope of Mount Etna, 1400-2950 m. We captured our material from 50 m below the Albergo Etna upwards in a Castanea forest, in the region around Rifugio Filiciusa in pine forest, and around both ends of the Funicolare Etna. In the field the going was difficult, especially in old lavastreams, due to loose lava rock of all sizes and in all positions. Even 100 year old lavastreams (1860) had scanty vegetation.
The region was very dry. The only water we found was in the closed well of Rifugio Filiciusa where many social Hymenoptera sucked spilled water, and in two small open cement tanks at the upper end of Funicolare Etna.
A very good method for the capture of flies was discovered by accident.
We observed during our meals that many flies (Syrphidae and Bombyliidae) were attracted by our transparent shiny plastic foil and evidently by mistake took it for water. The folds in the plastic glittered in the sunlight like ripples. The flies landed on the edge or near it and then walked towards it and tried to drink. Especially specimens of the Eristalis group hovered over it in number. Later on we deliberately used it as bait with much success. This method, of course, will only do in dry regions. We had no success in our second locality near a lake in the mountains. When dulled by lava dust our plastic lost its attraction. Dull plastic did not work.
Document typearticle
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