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AuthorsM.S. Hoogmoed, T.C.S. Avila-Pires
TitleStudies on the species of the South American lizard genus Arthrosaura Boulenger (Reptilia: Sauria: Teiidae), with the resurrection of two species
JournalZoologische Mededelingen
KeywordsArthrosaura kockii; Arthrosaura reticulata; Arthrosaura tyleri; Arthrosaura versteegii; South America; cis-Andean; Brazil; Guianas; Venezuela; Ecuador; Amazon basin; distribution; morphology
AbstractArthrosaura versteegii and Pantodactylus tyleri are resurrected from the synonymy of A. reticulata.
Detailed descriptions of the three species are provided, a key to the species of the genus is presented, differences are pointed out and synonymy and distribution of the known species are given. Two of the species occur sympatrically in several areas, whereas in one area three species are sympatric. The distribution of A. kockii mainly is limited to the eastern part of the Guianas, but also encompasses eastern ParĂ¡; that of A. reticulata extends from the Amazonian lowlands of Ecuador to the mouth of the Amazon and also includes the Guianas, that of A. versteegii seems to be restricted to the Guianas, whereas A. tyleri is only known from a high altitude on Mount Duida in Venezuelan Guiana.
Document typearticle
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