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AuthorD.A. Hooijer
TitleSome remarks on the subspecies of Phalanger ursinus (Temminck) and of Lenomys meyeri (Jentink) from Celebes
JournalZoologische Mededelingen
AbstractIn connection with a study of an extensive collection of prehistoric mammals from Toalian caves in Southwestern Celebes, a certain number of recent mammal species from Celebes and adjacent islands have been examined. In most cases the recent material for comparison available of a given species was adequate to determine the status of the corresponding cave form. Some of the cave animals (Phalanger celebensis (Gray), Macaca maura (Geoffr. et F. Cuvier), Macrogalidia musschenbroekii (Schlegel), Sus celebensis Müller et Schlegel, and Babyrousa babyrussa (L.)) could be shown to be subspecifically distinct from the living forms (Hooijer, 1950 a). In all of these cases the time that has elapsed since the deposition of the material in the prehistoric caves has been sufficient for a subspecific differentiation to have taken place.
In some cases examined, however, the recent material available to me at the time was rather poor, and additional material was greatly needed.
Since the preparation of the cave report (Hooijer, 1950 a) more recent specimens have been examined while visiting various natural history museums in the United States. It is a great pleasure to thank the curators of mammals, Dr. George H. H. Tate of the American Museum of Natural History, Dr. David H. Johnson of the United States National Museum, and Dr. Colin C. Sanborn of the Chicago Natural History Museum, for their kind cooperation and permission to study the material in the collections under their charge.
The present paper contains observations on Phalanger ursinus (Temminck) and Lenomys meyeri (Jentink), two species which are represented in the cave collection and which I have dealt with before on the basis of
Document typearticle
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