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AuthorsC. van Achterberg, A. Salvo
TitleReared Opiinae (Hymenoptera: Braconidae) from Argentina
JournalZoologische Mededelingen
KeywordsBraconidae; Opiinae; Lorenzopius; Phaedrotoma; Biosteres; Doryctobracon Opius; Utetes; Psyttalia; Agromyzidae; Neotropical; Argentina; biology; checklist
AbstractThe results of the identification of a small collection of Opiinae reared from Agromyzidae from Argentina are reported; six new species and one new genus (Lorenzopius gen. nov.; type species: Lorenzopius calycomyzae spec. nov.) are described. A checklist to the species of Opiinae known from Argentina is added. The following new combinations are proposed: Doryctobracon turicai (Turica & Mallo, 1961), Lorenzopius sanlorenzensis (Fischer, 1964), L. tubulatus (Fischer, 1979), Phaedrotoma agromyzophaga (Blanchard, 1940), P. alternantherae (Fischer, 1966), P. atomica (Fischer, 1962), P. brethesi (De Santis, 1967), P. curtinotum (Fischer, 1983) P. ebriops (Fischer, 1978), P. eunomia (Fischer, 1968), P. euterpe (Fischer, 1968), P. fissilis (Fischer, 1969) P. golbachi (Fischer, 1964), P. horcomollensis (Fischer, 1968), P. insularis (Ashmead, 1894), P. lacarensis (Fischer, 1979), P. laplatana (Fischer, 1968), P. lasis (Fischer, 1979), P. latita (Fischer, 1979), P. magdalenae (Fischer, 1968), P. mallecoensis (Fischer, 1968), P. melpomene (Fischer, 1968), P. miniacea (Brethes, 1913), P. noclya (Fischer, 1983), P. noguesensis (Fischer, 1968), P. oeconomica (Fischer, 1962), P. platensis (Brethes, 1913), P. porterodedicata (Fischer, 1983), P. pylades (Fischer, 1969) , P. pyrosoma (Fischer, 1966), P. raphaeli (Fischer, 1968), P. renerrens (Fischer, 1983), P. ribeiroensis (Fischer, 1966), P. roveretoi (Fischer, 1962), P. sanensis (Fischer, 1979), P. scabriventris (Nixon, 1955), P. simplicornis (Fischer, 1968), P. sinecostulis (Fischer, 1983), P. testaceipes (Brethes, 1913), P. trimaculata (Spinola, 1851), P. thoracotuberculatus (Fischer, 1964), P. trimaculata (Spinola, 1851), P. uania (Fischer, 1968), Psyttalia ovaliops (Fischer, 1980), Bracanastrepha bella (Gahan, 1930), B. marguinezi (Blanchard, 1950), B. obscuripennis (Schrottky, 1902), B. pseudobella (Blanchard, 1950), B. schultzi (Blanchard, 1950), and B. tafivallensis (Fischer, 1968).
Document typearticle
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