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AuthorC. de Jong
TitleOrthopterological notes I : On the Lesini of the Leiden Museum (Tettigoniidae, Copiphorinae)
JournalZoologische Mededelingen
AbstractWhen rearranging a part of the collections of Orthoptera in the Rijksmuseum van Natuurlijke Historie at Leiden I found a number of specimens belonging to this tribus, which by former authors is considered as a separate subfamily with the name Eumegalodontinae (Kirby, 1906, p. 289; Caudell, 1927, p. 30). With Karny I think it justified to let it retain its place as a tribe of the Copiphorinae.
The representatives of this group are of such a remarkable shape that they can easily be recognized among the other Copiphorinae by their relatively big head and strangely shaped prothorax, which bears strongly spined lateral processes on the disc.
The species under consideration can be divided into two groups, in the one of these the specimens possess a number of thorns on the fore and middle femora dorsally and ventrally. In this first group the following species are placed: Megalodon ensifer Brullé (1835) Lesina lutescens Walker (1869) Eumegalodon vaginatus Karny (1923) Eumegalodon intermedius Karny (1923) Lesina karnyi nov. spec., described below.
In the second group the dorsal surface of the fore and middle femora is devoid of spines, the ventral surface only bears a number of thorns. This group contains only one species: Megalodon blanchardi Brongniart (1890).
The generic names have been used differently by various authors.
Brongniart (1892 a) established the name Eumegalodon for Megalodon
Document typearticle
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