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AuthorsL.D. Brongersma, G.C.A. Junge
TitleOn the variation of Mustela (Lutreola) nudipes Desm.
JournalZoologische Mededelingen
AbstractIn recent literature two subspecies of Mustela nudipes, viz., Mustela nudipes nudipes Desm. and Mustela nudipes leucocephalus (Gray), are recognized. In a survey of the Indo-Australian weasels, Dammerman (1940, p. 269) discussed the possibility of recognizing these two subspecies, but through lack of material he could not arrive at a definite conclusion. Since Dammerman's notes were published three more specimens were brought to light in the collections of our Museum. Moreover we had at our disposal two specimens from the collection of Mr. H. J. V. Sody, as well as four specimens and a skull in the Amsterdam Zoological Museum. A study of the variation of Mustela nudipes led us to reconsider the status of Mustela hamakeri Dammerman (1940, p. 266, pl. XV) as a distinct species.
Before describing and discussing the specimens examined by us, it may be useful to give a historical account of the species, of its subspecies, and of the names involved.
The first description of Mustela nudipes is that by Geoffroy SaintHilaire & F. Cuvier (1821), who also published a coloured plate showing this species. The authors gave the species the French name "Furet de Java", and the scientific name "Nudipes". The species is stated to belong to the "sous-genre des Putois", but neither for this subgenus, nor for the genus a scientific name is mentioned. In an earlier part of the same work the authors (1820) describe "Le Furet" under the name Mustela Furo, and, therefore, Dammerman accepts Mustela as the genus to which nudipes was referred by Geoffroy Saint-Hilaire & F. Cuvier. From a nomenclatorial point of view, it is more safe perhaps to accept Desmarest's use of "mustela nudipes" as the first valid one. Geoffroy Saint-Hilaire & F. Cuvier (1842,
Document typearticle
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