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Query: journal: "Zoologische Verhandelingen"

AuthorsN. Sayako, E.C. Dickinson
TitleSystematic notes on Asian birds. 10. The “Nouveau recueil de planches coloriées” of Temminck & Laugier (1820-1839): the little known impression of 1850
JournalZoologische Verhandelingen
KeywordsTemminck; Nouveau recueil de planches coloriées; Baillière; edition; wrappers
AbstractA copy of the reported 1850 impression of the “Nouveau recueil de planches coloriées” that has recently come to light suggests that bound copies would be virtually indistinguishable from the first edition (1820-1839) despite the different publisher. In spite of clear statements by the publisher, we believe there must be doubts whether any part of such an edition, other than the wrappers, was specially reprinted. The wrappers found with this copy confirm that during the appearance of the first edition generic wrappers were created, which did not have details of the contents on the back.
Document typearticle
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